Welcome within the Winnoc Valley

An introduction to the site and directions on how to join us.
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by Admin Livi
Jan 10, 2019 22:10:03 GMT
Site Rules
The rules which members must abide by.
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by Admin Livi
Apr 5, 2018 14:54:38 GMT
Character Creation
Here you can create your character.
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Character Creation
The Guest Room
Have you got questions and want to contact the staff? This is the place for you. The board is guest friendly. Do not post ads - only questions. Keep a civil tone.
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by Admin Livi
Jan 17, 2019 17:15:16 GMT
General Announcements
Announcements for the forum members.
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The World of the Winnoc Valley

Registrations and Alternate Applications
The place to register your character for things such as housing, education ect.
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Job and Business Registration, Housing Registration
World Information
Information about the Winnoc Valley world and the regeny era.
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by Ruby Davenport
Feb 4, 2019 0:56:53 GMT
Adoptable Characters
Place a character up for adoption by another member. To claim an adoptable, post in the application. Both the creator and admin must approve your adoption.
Moderator: Administrator
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Pending Applications
Additional Character Information
Plotters, Timelines ect.
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by John Clarke
Jan 24, 2019 17:36:06 GMT
Plotters, Timelines, Journals

The Winnoc Valley

The Valley Map
A guide to the major sites in the valley
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The town of Ravencarr is the largest and oldest settlement in the Winnoc Valley. It is divided into four sections and the center square.
7 threads 80 posts Water Flowing & Roses Growing [Thomas & Henry]
by Thomas Hamilton
Jul 24, 2019 21:59:15 GMT
The Town Center, The Riverfront, Eastgate, Highbridge, Southside, The Residences
The Miller Bridge
Just east of Ravencarr, the Abbey Road connects to the Valley Road by crossing the river. Near the old stone bridge stands the old mill.
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The Old Mill
A small hamlet covering both banks of the river Locke, connected by a stone bridge. All residents are tenants of the Earl.
1 thread 15 posts [Open] Dashing Through The Snow
by Julia Webster
Apr 6, 2019 1:30:05 GMT
The Oak Square, The Cottages
Sunwick Ruins
Here stand the ruins of an old church surrounded by scattered rocks and bits of overgrown foundation for the buildings of the village which lay here in the 14th century.
1 thread 12 posts A Silent Prayer (closed)
by William De Grace
Apr 30, 2018 20:26:09 GMT
The Sunwick Ruins, Sunwick Church
Clearwater Abbey
The residence of the Earl of Ravencarr. It has been in the De Grace family since the reign of Henry the 8th and it is by far the largest estate in the area.
1 thread 25 posts Tea Time [Emmeline & William]
by William De Grace
May 7, 2019 21:02:34 GMT
The Abbey, The Gardens, The Grounds
Pearl Lake
Pearl Lake and the ominious Cicily's Island.
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The Lake, Cicily's Island
Roads and Paths
The two main roads of the Winnoc Valley and the paths that cut through the country side.
2 threads 17 posts Exploring In More Than One Way (Thomas)
by Alexander Parrish
Apr 3, 2019 3:09:15 GMT
The Countryside, The Valley Road, The Abbey Road, The Paths
The River Locke
The banks and waters of the River Locke which runs through Winnoc Valley.
1 thread 19 posts The Water Flows (open)
by Angel Townshend
Oct 8, 2018 22:08:50 GMT
On the Banks, On the Water
The Westwinnoc Woods
The deep woods that lie in the westernmost part of the valley. The paths within was created by lumberjacks but now provide a safe path for wanderers.
2 threads 42 posts A Chilly Night (open)
by Alice Archer
Feb 13, 2019 0:55:31 GMT
Rural Estates
Homes located in the countryside throughout the valley.
1 thread 25 posts Life Goes On (Dinah Lilley)
by Angel Townshend
Mar 22, 2019 15:55:13 GMT
High Class Estates, Middle Class Estates

Beyond the Valley

The capital city which offers everything in the way of fashion, careers, excitement and adventure.
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The spa town of Bath. A popular destination for recovering your health and partaking in the social life of the city.
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Everywhere Else
A place for threads taking place in specific locations that do not warrant a board.
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Neither Here Nor There

The Post
Write letters to other characters here.
1 thread 3 posts To Thomas Hamilton from Alex Parrish
by Alexander Parrish
Mar 10, 2019 21:26:22 GMT
Memory Lane
Threads that happened in the past but for some reason needs to be RP'd.
1 thread 29 posts A Wedding
by Angel Townshend
Apr 23, 2019 2:57:08 GMT
In the Papers
News and media with the valley.
2 threads 2 posts Scandalous Inn Brawl
by Admin Livi
Dec 19, 2018 23:34:44 GMT
The St. Winnoc Chronicle, The London Times, The Raven Gazette

Affiliation and Advertising

Advertise your forum here. We do not accept JCINK adds unfortunately.
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First Link - Proboards, First Link - Jcink, Linking Back, Advertising - Accepted
Request to be affiliated with us. Read the notice prior to posting.
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