The Market Square
The second largest square in Ravencarr. Here, sellers of everything from fish to jam sell their goods from stands and wagons. Travelling entertainers passing through town often perform their acts here.
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Queen Anne's Orphanage
Founded in the late 17th century, the orphanage is a grim-looking grey building. The interior in similarly bleak in appearance. The orphanage takes in orphans from the valley though some may prefer the streets to the almost prison-like existence in the dark, damp surroundings.
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The Tunnel
Tanner's Lane is a street in northwest Eastgate mostly refered to as 'The Tunnel' and is frequented by the very poor or those with sinister or illegal business to attend to. Far from being an actual tunnel and more a path in width than a lane, the Tunnel is a very narrow street running through the poorest parts of Eastgate. The upperfloors of the houses protude over the already narrow street resulting in a street barely wide enough to push a cart through, that is also almost covered above with the upper floors of houses being so near that people may easily shake hands through opposing windows. Sunlight rarely reaches the bottom, hence its nickname.
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